I am the Mom of a transgender man. I just found this out. My son is 34 years old. I researched the web and didn’t find a lot of support for Moms. I decided to share my journey by way of this blog. It is my intention to express my feelings as honestly as I can. If I accomplish nothing more than providing some information to my family and friends, I am ok with that. If I reach a wider audience and provide some support to other Moms traveling this journey, then that is good too. I am not a writer by any means but I am a Mom and the reflections in this blog are from my perspective. If I can give any advice to trans people Moms — do some research, learn the language and love your child as you always have. They need you more now than ever.

You don’t really have to read the blogs in order but for it to make sense, read History, Discovery, New Vocabulary, Fears and Jaime/Jeremy in that order.  After that, it’s up to you.

Thanks for coming.