ftm transgender


Text comes in. Her: You around on Sunday? Me: Yup. Her: Wanna hang out? Me: Absolutely 🙂

My heart sings. I don’t hear from my daughter all that much. Don’t get me wrong we love each other and are really quite close but reality is we don’t knock down each other’s door so when she reaches out and wants to come see me, I am ecstatic.

Sunday arrives and Jaime and Steph come over for dinner. We and the girls have a great afternoon, playing pool, few drinks, dinner, usual get together. Dinner is over and Jaime hangs around with me upstairs while Steph and Rick retire back to the rec room.

Mom, I need to tell you something. I am transgender male. I am really a man. I am changing my name to Jeremy. I want you to refer to me as him. I have been taking testosterone for 6 months and I am getting my breasts removed.

My head – WHAT????

My mouth – I love you unconditionally and I support you in whatever you do. My main concerns are that you are medically healthy and being looked after by a doctor. Yes. How does Steph feel about this? It’s all good. Are you getting a penis? MOM!!!!! Do some research.

My mind is racing but I get through the rest of the visit nonchalantly. As soon as they leave I rush to tell Rick the news. He, as always, is completely supportive. He had noticed her deeper voice and that she was hairy. Momma was oblivious to everything as usual.

Next, I text my bff and my sister. Jaime wants to become a boy. Sister has questions to which I have no answers. Bff – WOW, of course you will process this and be you and be completely supportive. I text her brother – so your sister is going to be your brother. Replies – He finally told you did he?

I’m in tears.

I am losing my daughter.

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