ftm transgender


Jaime was born in 1982. “It’s a girl”   We are thrilled.  We have a boy and a girl.  Millionaire’s family.  About the age of 6 she no longer wants to wear dresses.  That’s ok, she’s a bit of a tomboy.  Never really interested in boys.  Always dressed kind of masculine.  I see all of this now.

Dad is diagnosed with MS.  Their relationship was always kind of rocky.  They loved each other but in hindsight were very much alike and neither ever wanted to talk about their feelings.  Fast forward to adulthood.  “Mom, I’m gay” I’m not really surprised about this because I had suspected it for quite awhile.

We support her coming out and are happy that she can finally be herself.  She has met a terrific woman that we love. They get married and all is well.  Dad passes away from complications of MS when Jaime is 32.  I’m on my own at 53.

Very shortly after, I meet a new man.  Rick enters my life.  I quickly fall in love with him and he treats me like gold. My kids are skeptical.  They just lost their Dad and now Mom has a new boyfriend.  Slowly, I think, they are coming around.

We are by no means perfect but all is going well.

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