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At this point I have told my close friends and my close family. All the feedback has been purely positive and I’m happy for that. I asked Jeremy about writing this blog in an unidentifying manner. He told me he doesn’t mind if its not anonymous. This is good. It tells me that he is completely comfortable in his decision. Obviously he has had more time than I have to get used to it. I’m getting there though. I am hoping that this blog will be my way of explaining to people we know. There is so much to digest and comprehend. People I have told so far have many questions. A lot of those questions have to do with how I am feeling and this blog addresses that.

I don’t think I am ready to go wide on social media yet. Not that I am not ok with it, I am just not sure how people will react. I don’t want Jeremy suffering any repercussions. I think I will just send the link to a slightly wider circle of friends and family and see how that goes. Everyone had accepted that Jaime was gay so I think they will accept that Jeremy is a transgender person. The hardest part is the pronouns and the new name. I don’t expect everyone to get that right away. I thank everyone in advance for their support because I am going to assume I have good people. The decision on who to tell and when is very personal. I know I will get just as comfortable with transgender man as I did with gay as time goes on.

I’m going to try and get this blog out there in the cyberworld too. There is just not enough support out there I found doing my research. More and more Moms are going to be traveling this road in the future. Hopefully society will catch up. I know there are going to be haters and I can’t control that. I also know there are great people out there who love their children unconditionally that will put themselves in my shoes and say “Right On Momma”.

So who to tell and when? Jury still a little bit out on that.

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  1. Shelley: I think this blog is a great idea. I learned a few things by reading what you wrote. I also think it will help guide others. The only other comment I have is this: I am so pleased for Jeremy to finally be himself and be genuinely happy! This warms my heart!

    I can’t thank you enough for sharing this with me! I am so proud of you and Jeremy!

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